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Rhyton Press coordinates all aspects of book production.
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This delightful story by Caroline Josephs is a new release by Rhyton Press.

The tale of a mysterious Red Thread takes a little girl called Tranquil, and her friends,Tang the dragon, and Tombo the dragonfly, on adventures together – to save our Mother Earth.


They encounter many surprises and trials along the way – a king and gremlins and a talking diamond! – as well as the Red Thread which guides them through the wonders of Mother Nature.

The Clown

Nails the clown has lost his job in the circus because of the pandemic. Petal and her family learn of his plight and come to the rescue with many wonderful ideas.


Translucent Rucinda

Rucinda speaks the languages of the many realms: sea, sky, and earth.

Aware that our planet is in danger, she consults with all the creatures and First Nations people, to find solutions to the problem of Earth warming.


Little Fishy

I meet a fish in an aquarium… and so begins a story of the enchantment of the ocean realm, and the wonders of fish consciousness.

Each book includes little picture cards containing information about Trees, Fish, Birds, and Songlines.

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