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How To Proceed


For many indie writers, finding help with their book is a case of not knowing where to begin. That's where we come in. We know the right questions to ask to make it easy for you to formulate your ideas and define the scope of the assistance you require.

This is where it all begins....

First Contact

You seize your courage with both hands and contact us for an initial discussion about your project, delighted to find that we actually sound friendly and almost human. You describe the scope of the assistance you're seeking, whether it be the total package or simply elements like desktop publishing or cover design, and we explore how best to help you achieve your goals. 

You can be assured that Rhyton Press doesn't work to a formula, and each book is given a unique structure and image to optimise its presentation.

Nor will we oversell. We only provide the services you specify and nobody will try to convince you to add more services than you need.

The Quote

You've decided you'd like to learn more. We meet again , either in person on online, to discuss your project in greater detail. We then provide you with an obligation-free quote, valid for 30 days, with a suggested timeline for production.

The Design

Once you decide to proceed, reassured that your initial impression of our humanity has been validated, you send us the final draft of your manuscript, and we begin the design phase, culminating in submission of PDFs of the design for your approval.

Design Review

You provide feedback, and we are happy to make up to three style modifications if required. Further modifications would attract an additional charge.


Once you approve the design, you should be ready for publication, assuming you've had the manuscript proofread and edited.  (We recommend that you not submit your document for design until you 're happy with the content!)


We can provide final editing for punctuation, spacing, spelling and grammar, for an additional hourly charge. 

Final Review

If any changes have been made as a result of the approval process, we send you the final PDF. Should you require any additional changes after this review, these would be charged at an hourly rate.


We work with an excellent local printer in Sydney and have reliable overseas contacts, but you might have personal preferences. e.g. offshore printing for budgetary considerations. (Offshore printing will, of necessity, increase the timeline, sometimes quite significantly.)

Once this detail has been clarified, we will send PDFs to the printer and a copy to you for safekeeping.


You retain copyright of your work. Rhyton Press is displayed in the front matter as either design contributor e.g. if we were responsible for an aspect of production, or as the publisher if we undertook total responsibility.

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