Our Services

Tired of trying to find professionals to help you with the many aspects of  book production?


Rhyton Press is based in Australia, but, thanks to the wonders of technology, we're able to offer assistance with all aspects of pre-publication for clients anywhere in the world-:



A memorable cover with an intriguing blurb, readable text in an engaging format, all compatible with the genre - these are the details which can make or break a book's saleability.

EditingWe can edit your manuscript for clarity and help with grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Cover designWe specialise in cover design, ensuring an eye-catching image perfect for the genre.

Interior designWe pay careful attention to the interior structure of your book, focusing on such details as font style and size, page size and layout, margin size, chapter breaks and headings, and the format of front and back matter.



Converting your novel to e-book - we can convert your manuscript to the most popular formats for e-readers.

Assistance with adminstrative tasks - obtaining ISBNs, registering legal deposit (in Australia), e-book distribution, etc.

Website - we can design an author's website for you, or you can apply to join the Rhyton Press website.

Promotional materials - these provide a professional touch, especially if you're planning a book launch. We suggest postcards which are popular because they double as bookmarks. There is a vast array of items including stickers, invitations, posters, brochures, carry bags, coffee mugs and pens, to name but a few. It all depends on your budget and your imagination!

Quotes for Publication and Promotional options can be made at any time during the production process.