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Rhyton Press is busy!

We've had a constant stream of projects in the third quarter of 2021. Writers and artists have been producing work at a rapid rate during COVID lockdown, and it has kept us fully occupied here at Rhyton Press.

Caroline Josephs' beautiful book - The Clown & Other Stories - has been well-received, and we also created postcards and business cards for her to coordinate her marketing, in addition to updating her website and organising promotion on various social sites.

We mentored one of our new authors and helped to complete her first children's book, assisting another author with the illustrations for hers.

We're also working on websites and promotional videos for various artists … the list goes on.

Meanwhile, Angela Wallis Moore is ploughing ahead with her third novel in The Children of Myth trilogy. Promising to be as suspenseful as the preceding novels, Children of the Lie will conclude the series. However, many of Angela's readers are so enthralled by the characters they encountered in Children of the Gods and Children of the Vines that they have persuaded her to consider spin-off stories.

Watch this space!

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